Ptfe Lower Platen Wrap 16″ X 20″


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Essentialware’s non-stick platen wraps are heavy duty, top quality, 5 mil, Triple-Coated advanced flouropolymer (PTFE) fabric that outperforms and outlasts other non-stick wraps. One wipe, easy cleanup! Eliminate transfer spotting!

Reduce the wear and tear on your expensive platen pad. Easy slip on design. No-static cling – easy garment loading and unloading.

Supports better performance by enhancing even heat distribution. A must-have for customers using laser transfer paper. Keep your heat press producing more apparel faster!

ESSENTIALWARE – For All Your Heat Press Accessory Products!

PTFE Cover Sheets, PTFE Rolls, PTFE Pillows, and PTFE Platen Wraps for the Specialty Graphics Industry



  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Resistance to Chemical Agents/Solvents
  • High Anti-adhesiveness
  • High Dielectric Properties
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Non-Toxicity

PTFE is generally considered a thermoplastic polymer. At 550 degrees Fahrenheit it maintains a very high anti-adhesive properties, non-toxicity and low friction coefficient thus making PTFE an ideal solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


  • Clean daily with a damp cloth (H2O only)
  • Never apply solvents or chemicals to clean your non-stick sheet
  • Periodically reverse the sheet – both sides are PTFE coated (exception: Salamander Skin dual surface silicone/PTFE liners)
  • Never scrape or use use hard-edged implement on your PTFE fabric
  • Never use abrasive cleaning materials
  • Discard when non-stick surface begins to show wear or sheet edges begin to discolor or corrode

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