QuickMask Sublimation High Transfer Tape


Yards Discount Price Per Yard
1-5 0% $89.99
6-10 10% $80.99
11-25 20% $71.99
26-50 30% $62.99
50-1000 35% $58.49
Yards Discount Price Per Yard
1-5 0% $43.99
6-10 10% $39.59
11-25 20% $35.19
26-50 30% $30.79
50-1000 35% $28.59
Discounted Total: $43.99
Total amount saved:

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Have you struggled with other clothing applications that leave your image wrinkled and warped? Perhaps when you apply the image prior to the heat press you end up with bunched up fabric that ruins the image? If so, you know how frustrating it is and how much money you end up wasting by removing the failed image and applying a new one. All this changes with the QUICK MASK SUBLIMATION. With the QUICK MASK SUBLIMATION, you will have access to an extra tacky transfer that will ensure your printed image sticks correctly to your fabric. 

With the QUICK MASK SUBLIMATION, you can say good-bye to wrinkles and warps and hello to perfectly printed images. There is no more adjusting the image to make sure it sticks properly. Simply use the mask and apply firm pressure. The rest takes care of itself. 

The QUICK MASK SUBLIMATION mask is the perfect solution to any issue you are having with masks not sticking to fabric. 

Compatible Materials
Material Specifications
  • Adhesive Backing: Yes
  • Material: Polyester + Acrylic
  • Thickness: .06 – .07 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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