Proposition 65-Compliant Heat Transfer Vinyl for Personalized Apparels

Wearing jerseys and graphic t-shirts can make you look cool, but did you know they’ve been linked to cancer? Heat transfer vinyl emits harmful toxins that not only cause cancer but also harm the environment. Many unscrupulous companies use low-quality vinyl on jerseys and t-shirts. Since most people are unaware of the adverse effects of vinyl, they wear these clothes anyway.  


Vinyl sheets release cancer-causing toxins during its heating process. This means you’re not only exposed to the risk developing skin cancer but also lung cancer if you wear apparels containing regular vinyl sheets.


High-quality heat transfer vinyl


What is the solution if wearing t-shirts and jerseys with heat transfer vinyl causes cancer? The answer is Proposition 65-compliant vinyl sheets.


Polyvinyl chloride is one of the common ingredients in vinyl sheets used in the apparel manufacturing industry. The colored sheets provide the type of logo and name design you want on t-shirts and jerseys. But according to Proposition 65, it doesn’t meet the quality standards because it contains highly-toxic plastic that not only leads to various illnesses but also causes environmental pollution.


At AmeriFLEX™, we only use vinyl sheets that meet the quality standards according to Proposition 65. You will often see products with signs, such as “BPA FREE,” “PVC FREE,” “NO BPA,” etc. These signs mean that the product doesn’t contain cancer-causing vinyl.


What makes vinyl harmful


Before explaining our vinyl sheet manufacturing process, let’s understand how vinyl is harmful in the first place.


Plastic causes widespread pollution for marine life, humans, and the environment. Unfortunately, vinyl consists of plastic that makes it harmful. During the manufacture of vinyl sheets, PVC emits dioxin, a toxic chemical that causes cancer. This chemical gets absorbed by your body. In fact, your fatty tissues store dioxin for years. The more you wear t-shirts and jerseys with vinyl designs on them, the more your body becomes prone to cancer.


In fact, dioxin also makes its way into the food chain of animals and can reach its highest concentration among apex predators. While this chemical doesn’t reach your food chain, it certainly stays in your body once you start wearing apparels that contain even a small percentage of regular vinyl.


Apart from the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, even the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that you should avoid products that contain vinyl. Additionally, vinyl also emits phthalates, another carcinogenic toxin that lasts in your body for years.


How we manufacture heat transfer vinyl


Over the years, we have improved our vinyl manufacturing process significantly. Initially, we didn’t possess appropriate machines to provide Proposition 65-compliant vinyl, but now we do. AmeriFLEX™ now produces craft vinyl, which is the highest-quality vinyl that exists right now. It is not only a greener option but also Proposition 65-compliant.


At AmeriFLEX™, we want to provide heat transfer vinyl that doesn’t affect your body or the food chain of animals. Our manufacturing process doesn’t include even a single ounce of PVC. On the contrary, we use self-adhesive vinyl. This eliminates the need for PVC altogether. Our vinyl sheets can stick on any type of fabric almost permanently. Unless you burn the fabric, the vinyl sheet will not come off.


Another reason why you can trust our vinyl sheets is that they don’t contain chlorine, another ingredient responsible for increasing the amount of dioxins during PVC emissions. That means our vinyl sheets don’t contain two of the most dangerous cancer-causing ingredients: PVC and chlorine. The absence of chlorine is not only beneficial for humans but also for the environment. This makes craft vinyl a more viable and safer option. It makes our vinyl sheets more versatile because they don’t create environmental hazards.


Our vinyl sheets are not only safe for apparels but also children’s toys, food packaging, vinyl crafts, etc. Like regular vinyl, we can supply all the colors that you can think of without compromising the quality of our products and the safety of end-users.


You can now get personalized t-shirts and jerseys using heat transfer vinyl from our craft vinyl sheets. From apparels to stuffed animals, you can safely use our vinyl because they meet every quality standard, especially Proposition 65, which we consider as the strictest quality control test in the industry.

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