Why A Heat Press is Better than an Iron

Do you love making t-shirts to sell at local craft fairs or even at online marketplaces like Etsy? If you’re currently using your iron to get the job done, now is a great time to take the jump and purchase a dedicated heat press for your projects. Here are six reasons why a heat press is a better choice than a typical household iron.

#1: Save Tons of Time

The first benefit to owning a heat press is that it saves tons of time. Most heat presses include digital timers to ensure the right amount of press time at each use. Instead of having to stand at an ironing board during the press process and count down the seconds, you can simply set the time and work on something else until it is complete. It’s a great way to multi-task if you have numerous shirts to complete all at once.

#2: Always Get the Ideal Temperature

One of the biggest problems with using an iron for heat transfers is that there usually isn’t a way to set a specific temperature. With a heat press, you can ensure you’re always getting the ideal temperature for the style or type of transfer you’re using. This is really great news because it takes out all of the guesswork from the process.

#3: The Right Pressure Makes a Big Difference

If you want your transfer to last for many years through many washings, you have to pay attention to pressure. Some transfers require light pressure, while others need medium or firm. With a household iron, this is incredibly difficult to gauge. Plus, most have holes that make pressure across the plate intermittent. With a heat press, you can set the pressure for consistency throughout the entire design.

#4: Enjoy a Larger Pressing Footprint

Tired of having to press part of a project before moving onto the next corner? A heat press offers a much larger footprint than most irons provide. If you’re interested in doing complex or large designs, this benefit alone is well worth purchasing a heat press.

#5: Less Chance of Scorching

Let’s face it, household irons just aren’t designed for heat transfers. One wrong move or too many seconds in one place and there’s a good chance you’ll end up scorching the fabric or ruining the vinyl. With a heat press, the heating and pressure are consistent, which greatly reduces the chance of damage or marks. And who doesn’t love that?

#6: Increased Overall Customer Satisfaction

Another reason to purchase a heat press? Increased overall customer satisfaction. Your customers want a professional product and a heat press is really the only way to offer this level of quality. In addition, it makes a great investment into your t-shirt business and makes it much easier to create in larger volume.

Final Verdict: Time for a Craft Press

If you’re still trudging along with an iron, it is time to go ahead and purchase a heat press. Not only will your finished project look better, but you’ll enjoy the ease of using and consistent results.

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing a heat press for your t-shirt business? AmeriFLEX has exactly what you need. Please contact us today with any questions or shop our inventory of heat transfer vinyl supplies now.

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